Position Front
Awaken Tank
Base Star 2-Star Base
Quote Are you ready to experience real fear?'
Soulstone Sources Guild Shop

Bullo is a demon, plain and simple. He was relaxing in Minihell when he was suddenly summoned by a distant relative, Kimmo. But you don't simply summon Bullo and then expect him to leave! Since he's been disturbed and brought into the Miniworld, Bullo will simply conquer it and plunge it into darkness! And for a start, why not raid a few Doo villages? That sounds like fun! Front-row tank. His C-strike removes some of the enemy's energy and deals a lot of damage.

Powers and Abilities

Bullo is a front-row Tank. He is a balanced Tank, able to defend well against both Physical and Magical attacks, but also dealing damage by himself. He is able to do some basic control of the enemies: his Angry Swipe can disrupt an enemy attack, preventing them from using skills, while his C-Strike reduces the Energy the enemy has, forcing them to wait longer for their C-Strikes. But what makes him a formidable Tank is his Anger Control passive skill: every time his HP is reduced, Bullo is able to reduce the damage he will receive. This makes him harder and harder to hurt! His Sneaky Swipe is also incredibly useful: he teleports himself through the battlefield and attacks the enemy three times, but he also becomes completely immune to damage in the meantime!



Because Bullo is a Tank, during awakening, Bullo will take half the damage it receives.


Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Intimidation Icon-magicskill You've got to show who the baddest minion on the block is. Intimidate the enemy and decrease their energy. Decrease each enemy's energy by X.
Angry Swipe Icon-physicalskill Sometimes it's good to let go of all your anger. Bullo punches all front-row enemies and knocks them back. The attack deals X Physical damage. Disruption chance depends on lvl. Guaranteed disruption for (SkillLvl) and below.
Sneaky Swipe Icon-physicalskill "Now you see me, now you don't" Blink behind an enemy up to three times. During the blinks, Bullo is immune to damage. Each attack deals X Physical damage.
Anger Control Icon-passiveskill When Bullo takes damage, he can transmit some of the damage to the Abyss. The more damage he receives, the more the damage gets reduced. Every time his HP is reduced by 15% the damage he receives is reduced by X%.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-bolster Bolster No rest for the weak and weary!
Increases your HP greatly!
Icon-manaflow Mana Flow Control the mana flow inside your body.
Greatly increases your HP and Magic Defence.
Icon-attunement Attunement Become more attuned with nature. Increases your Physical Defence and Magic Defence. Icon-physicaldefence
Icon-feralferocity Feral Ferocity Sometimes a minion has to behave like a beast.
Increases your HP and Dodge.
Icon-spiritforce Spirit Force "Meditate. Float. Enlightenment. In that order." ---Monk Doo.
Greatly increases your Magic Defence.


Heavy Armour
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
Demonic Brothers
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000


Icon-maxhp 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000


Bullo Gray
Stick Snail Shell Evergreen Seeds
Evergreen Seeds Magical Shards Sunstone

Bullo Green
Stick Natural Essence Magical Shards
Sunstone Bone Stick Animal Blood

Bullo Green+1
Natural Essence Sky Amulet Bone Stick
Animal Fur Magic Frog Scaled Leather

Bullo Blue
Sky Amulet Slingshot Turtle Helmet
Animal Blood Oak Shield Sparkly Gem

Bullo Blue+1
Slingshot Animal Blood Undead Talisman
Elven Cloak Spirit Elixir Shadow Lizard

Bullo Blue+2
Cat Paw Feral Amulet Bone Spear
Stone Hammer Spirit Elixir Dominator Helmet

Bullo Purple
Bone Spear Greatsword Boomerang
Shadow Lizard Wolf Hat Shiny Exoskeleton

Bullo Purple+1
Greatsword Razor Claws Spirit Elixir
Holy Amulet Dominator Helmet Demon Elixir

Bullo Purple+2
Razor Claws Genma Skin Ivory Arrow
Imperial Pincer Drake Essence Light Shield

Bullo Purple+3
Flame Arrow Behemoth Mail Demon Elixir
Evil Necklace Steel Axe Zeonic Helmet

Bullo Purple+4
Dragonslayer Demon Elixir Drake Essence
Light Shield Amulet of Origin Dragon Mail

Bullo Orange
Dark Elixir Dragon Essence Light Shield
Spirit Claw Zeonic Helmet Devil Blood

Bullo Orange+1
Spirit Claw Zeonic Helmet Ring of Wrath
Blood Diamond Demon Talisman Mark

Bullo Orange+2
Demon Skull Bone Mail Dark Sword
Blood Diamond Dragon Shield Dragon Amulet

Bullo Orange+3
Demon Elixir Bone Mail Devil Blood
Demonslayer Origin Crystal Pact with the Devil


Bullo is one of the most aggressive Tanks in the game, apart from Sauro. His Defense might seem a bit lower than other Tanks, but his passive skill more than makes up for it, and a wounded Bullo will still be hard to take down. If you get lucky, Bullo will use his Sneaky Swipe right before an enemy uses his C-Strike, and will completely cancel it (this happens more often than you'd think!). Bullo is a great Tank for preventing the enemy to completely use their strategy, while not giving up too much offensive power yourself.

You will guess easily which modes Bullo is useful in: he will come in handy in the Mist, as any Tank will, and he will be generally a poor choice against Bosses, as he won't deal enough damage. Bullo is quite useful in the Arena if you want to go for a balanced strategy. If you prefer to focus completely on attack or if you want to make an indestructible defensive team, you will find more specialised Minions, but if you want to make an in-between team Bullo will be more than helpful.