Position Front
Awaken All-round
Base Star 3-Star Base
Quote Don't give up! Nothing is impossible!'
Soulstone Sources Elite 1-7 "Forest King"
Elite 6-1 "Island Battle"
Elite 9-7 "Decisive Battle"

Chi has always been fascinated by martial arts, and was a great fan of Kung Doo movies. He travelled far, learning new techniques on the go, until he found a mysterious master of the True Fist. Alongside another student he learned and trained until he eventually became a master in his own right. Front-row physical attacker. He can deal a lot of damage to the enemy.


Chi bears a resemblance to a panda. Chi has black and white fur and extremely sharp claws. When in battle, Chi takes a combat ready stance.

Powers and Abilities

Chi is a physical front-row All-Round. He deals damage to the enemies close to him but also stuns them, acting as a secondary control minion. His C-Strike lets him stun the closest enemies and damage the entire team, but what really makes Chi unique are his 3 other skills. They are all active skills, dealing damage to nearby enemies, but they are all used in quick succession: when Chi starts using the Tiger Punch, he quickly uses the other two. The result is a devastating AoE combo ending with a stun.



When Awakened, Chi empowers his inner ki power. His eye glows blue and is surrounded by blue fire. Because Chi is an All-round, during awakening, Chi will have 50% increase in HP, Physical Attack and Magical Attack.


Chi has four physical attacks skills that he uses in battle.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Beast Style Icon-physicalskill It's never okay to lose to fear! Transform into a giant beast. Stun all nearby enemies and deal physical damage to front-row enemies. Stun chance depend on lvl. Guaranteed stun for (SkillLvl) and below. Punch deals X Physical damage. Roll deals Y Physical damage.
Tiger Punch Icon-physicalskill Trust the quality of what you know! Spin around quickly to generate power and emit a short-range ki blast that damages front-row enemies. This attack deals X Physical damage.
Swallow Kick Icon-physicalskill First learn stand, then learn fly. Kick an enemy multiple times in mid-air. Deals physical damage. Each attack deals X Physical damage.
Crane Backfist Icon-physicalskill Better learn balance! Concentrate all your ki and release it at once. Deals physical damage as well as stuns the enemy. This attack deals X Physical damage. Stun chance depends on level. Guaranteed stun for (SkillLvl+40) and below.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-bulkup Bulk Up Exercise so you can look great for the ladies.
Increases your Physical Attack.
Icon-feralferocity Feral Ferocity Sometimes a minion has to behave like a beast.
Increases your HP and Dodge.
Icon-aresblessing Ares' Blessing The God of War blesses strong minions with even more power. Increases your Physical Attack and HP. Icon-physicalattack
Icon-warchief Warchief Every tribe needs its warchief!
Train your leadership abilities and increase your P.Critical Hit and HP.
Icon-scaretactic Scare Tactic Scare the enemy to such an extent that you appear stronger than you actually are.
Increases your Physical Attack and Physical Penetration.


Fist Fight
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicaldefence 150 150 150 150 150


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicaldefence 150 150 150 150 150


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


When Chi's gear is activated, he will carry his old bamboo staff into battle. This increases his base stats up to 5% - 10%.

Ruby Cost 2500 Icon-ruby lv40 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5%
lv1 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5% lv55 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5%
lv10 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5% lv65 Bonus Icon-physicalpenetration+10%
lv25 Bonus Icon-physicalpenetration+5% lv75 Bonus Icon-physicalcriticalhit+10%



Chi deals less damage than an Attacker, but he is more resistant and adds some controls skills to your team, so you will need less support with him. We don't recommend using him as a Tank though! He works well with most teams, as long as you don't make him you primary damage dealer. Our favourite pick with him would be Ripper: Ripper boosts physical damage, and pushes the enemy tank all the way to the back, leaving Chi to deal AoE damage to the mid and back-rows. We can also team him up with Rathos to pull all the enemies in the same place, where Chi will punch them all at the same time!

Chi works out well in the campaign and the Mist, where his stun let you get an edge over the adversary team, but he is truly useful in the Arena. His AoE skills coupled with his control abilities let you fight defensive teams lining up several front-row minions at the same time. Useful if the enemy tries to go for a time out Victory! Chi is less interesting against Bosses though, as his AoE skills become less useful on a single big enemy.

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