Guardian of the Forest

Position Front
Awaken Tank
Base Star 1-Star Base
Soulstone Sources Starter Minion
C-9 2-3 Dream - Elite
C-9 4-4 Is it a yeti? - Elite
C-9 9-2 Fists of fury - Elite
Tribe Market
Soulstone Request
Soul Forge
Common Void Eggs
Rare Void Eggs
Special Tome
Soul Stone Chest
7 Days Login Reward

Enkobo hatching from the egg.

Enkobo (Guardian of the Forest), is a minion that hatched out of the egg and thrown in a battle to protect Doo Jr. After the battle he learnt from the Doo-Doo Tribe about the forces of darkness and decided to venture into the Miniworld, with his allies, to fight against darkness. Front-row tank. Uses his C-strike to deal damage to multiple enemies. A reliable leader.


Enkobo is a purple coloured ape-like creature with a massive body that allows him to battle on the front lines. In his awakened state, his fur changes colour and Enkobo looks fiercer than ever and intimidates most of his opponents. When Enkobo has his gear activated, he will wear something what appears to be an Iron Gauntlet, presumably for offensive strikes in battle.


Enkobo has a protective mindset, as he is always on the front lines protecting the rest of the tribe. Sometimes Enkobo can become over-confident, this was seen when Enkobo recklessly challenged the Minion of the Void in the Forest of Dawn which resulted in his defeat. Enkobo and the tribe were saved by Dragon God Orochi and Enkobo was told that he was not yet ready.

Powers and Abilities

Enkobo is a Tank and like all Tanks, Enkobo has to be paired up with good damage dealers. Soul stones are easy to obtain and he can easily be promoted to 3+ stars making him a good Tank in the early and mid-game. His skills center around stunning Front-row enemies and he has both single-target and multi-target attacks.



When Enkobo Awakens, Enkobo's eye will glow and his fur will turn grey. Because Enkobo is a Tank, during awakening, Enkobo will take half the damage it receives.


Enkobo has three active skills and one passive skills that he uses in battle.

Icon Skill Name Skill Type Description Effect
Mad Frenzy Icon-physicalskill "This is what I do to minions that get on my bad side!"
Throw numerous powerful punches that can stun an enemy.
Each attack deals X physical damage.
Last hit deals Y Physical damage.
Stun chance depends on lvl.
Guaranteed stun for (SkillLvl) and below
Wave Blast Icon-magicskill Channel your energy to create a powerful energy orb that explodes on impact. This attack deals X Magic damage.
Enkobo Roar Icon-physicalskill Roar like only you can!
Shock the enemy and deal a lot of damage.
This attack deals X Physical damage.
Stun chance depends on lvl.
Guaranteed stun for (SkillLvl+20) and below.
Champion Icon-passiveskill Show them who's the strongest boxer.
Increase your physical attack.
Increase Physical Attack by X.


Icon Talent Description Stats Increased
Icon-tacticalgenius Tactical Genius Learn different defensive tactics, which greatly increases your Physical Defence and Dodge! Icon-physicaldefence
Icon-fortify Fortify Minions train their bodies by hitting boulders.
Your HP and Physical Defence increases greatly!
Icon-aresblessing Ares' Blessing The God of War blesses strong minions with even more power. Increases your Physical Attack and HP. Icon-physicalattack
Icon-lifeforce Life Force Drink some reinvigorating water from the Fountain of Youth.
This drink increases your HP and Physical Penetration.
Icon-hitandrun Hit-and-Run A classic strategy: the enemy won't see you coming!
Increases your Physical Attack and Dodge.


Enkobo is generally friendly towards other minions that mean no harm. Enkobo has a strong relationship with Chi, as Enkobo and Chi are sparring partners and Enkobo loves to spar with Chi on daily basis to hone his skills. Teaming up Enkobo with Chi will also give Enkobo a boost in physical defence.

Fist Fight
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicaldefence 150 150 150 150 150


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300
Violent Justice
Minion Stat Grey Green Blue Purple Orange


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


Icon-physicalattack 300 300 300 300 300


Icon-magicattack 400 400 400 400 400


When Enkobo's gear is activated, he will wear an Iron Gauntlet. This increases his base stats up to 10%.

Ruby Cost 1000 Icon-ruby lv40 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5%
lv1 Bonus Icon-maxhp+5% lv55 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5%
lv10 Bonus Icon-physicalattack+5% lv65 Bonus Icon-dodge+10%
lv25 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+5% lv75 Bonus Icon-magicdefence+10%



With a skill-set that focuses on interrupting enemies, Enkobo is a good fit in the Campaign, Mist and Training Camp: modes where players control the activation of the C-Strike. He's especially useful againsttank-heavy teams as Enkobo can easily stun them all.

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