Evergreen Seeds

Seeds that can supposedly grow trees that reach the heavens.
Level Requirement: 1

Common Void Eggs
Tribe Market
C-1 1-1 Set out
C-2 1-2 Body Double
C-15 3-1 Ferocious bite
C-9 4-4 Is it a yeti?
C-4 5-7 Chilly Migoi
C-1 1-1 Set out - Elite
C-2 1-2 Split - Elite
C-15 3-1 Ferocious bite - Elite
C-9 4-4 Is it a yeti? - Elite
C-4 5-7 Glacier King - Elite
Minion Power-Up Events
Guild Tech Donation Eggs

Shop Info
Jade Sell Price 200 Icon-jade
Jade Purchase Price 600 Icon-jade
Magicka Disenchantment Yield 2 Icon-magicka
Diamond Purchase Price Mark Icon-diamond

Equipped by
Authrox-w0Orochi-w0Yoroi-w0Ripper-w0Shirkhan-w0Dina-g0Dina-w0Mantis-w0Gemini-w0Sauro-w0Sparky-w0Android 8-w0Lilith-w0Rango-w0Chi-w0Chomp-w0Dibi-w0Luna-w0Rosina-g0Rosina-w0Kimmo-w0Enigamo-w0Skorpio-w0Bolt-w0Crystain-w0Bullo-w0Richoke-w0Savero-w0Acqua-w0Bloppy-g0Bloppy-w0Neko-w0Hornox-w0Obi-w0Scarobo-w0Mirage-w0Seth iv-w0Migoi-w0Skelance-w0Florus-w0Zilla-w0Kaluga-w0Erupto-w0Majora-g0Majora-w0Tianron-g0Tianron-w0Webster-g0Webster-w0Monti-w0Rathos-w0Vulpa-g0Vulpa-w0Exo-g0Exo-w0Umbra-g1Umbra-g0Umbra-w0Enkobo-w0Dolce-g1Dolce-g0Dolce-w0

Misc. Notes
  • Diamond Buy Price available only through specific minion Power-Up Events

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