General Dibi - Level 71
GB-General Dibi
"General Dibi commands his spaceships to fight!"

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Spaceship Salvo Icon-physicalskill Summon spaceships that attack enemies for 10 seconds.
Battleship Blast Icon-physicalskill "The enemy is over there!" Command 3 spaceships and order them to shoot the enemy.
Firepower Icon-passiveskill Improve your Physical Penetration.
Machine Gun Icon-passiveskill Time for reinforcements! Your basic attack now summons 5 spaceships that each attack a random enemy.
Demon Necklace
Bone Mail (Manual)
Dark Sword (Manual)
Demonic Crystal (Manual)
Jade Earring (Manual)
Dragon Amulet (Manual)
Dragon Shield (Manual)
Demonslayer (Manual)
Spirit Necklace (Manual)
Demon Regalia (Manual)
Spirit Claw (Manual)
Pact with a Demon (Manual)
Devil Tome
Devil Blood
Demon Eye
Demon Skull (Manual)
Satanic (Manual)
Magic Wand (Manual)
Demon Talisman

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