Mad Migoi - Level 55
GB-Mad Migoi
"Uses snow to freeze his enemies so watch out!"

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Absolute Zero Icon-magicskill Absolute Zero can freeze enemies and deals magic damage to them.
Chilly Breath Icon-magicskill Shoot a wise-range cloud of cold air at the enemy. Deals magic damage and slows the enemy.
Snowball Icon-magicskill Throws a snowball and slow down the enemy. As the snowball gets smaller, it's power decreases.
Glacial Fear Icon-passiveskill Frozen enemies now receive magic damage over time.
Soul Branch (Manual)
Dark Elixir
Vitality Water
Magic Lamp
Vampire Heart
Gargoyle Ear
Dragon's Claw
Blood Diamond
Dragon Ring
Light Shield (Manual)
Steel Axe (Manual)
Warlord Helmet (Manual)
Amulet of Origin (Manual)
Wolf's Claw
Enchanted Leather
Dragon Essence
Zeonic Helmet (Manual)
Ring of Wrath (Manual)

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