Nekomata - Level 59
"Afterimages and high dodge make her nearly invincible."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
Fatal Dance Icon-magicskill Calls two of Neko's cousins and leaps towards the enemies back row.
Cat Boxing Icon-physicalskill Neko attacks all nearby enemies with two swipes.
Cat Screech Icon-magicskill Lets out a loud screech that startles the enemy and reduces its physical attack.
Neko's Dance Icon-passiveskill Neko's acrobatic and erratic movements can throw off enemies and make it hard for them to hit Neko. Her dodge is increased.
Magic Lamp
Vampire Heart
Gargoyle Ear
Dragon's Claw
Dragon Mail
Blood Diamond
Dragon Ring
Demon Regalia (Manual)
Spirit Claw (Manual)
Pact with a Demon (Manual)
Wolf's Claw
Enchanted Leather
Dragon Essence
Zeonic Helmet (Manual)
Ring of Wrath (Manual)
Soul Branch (Manual)
Dark Elixir
Vitality Water

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