Skarner - Level 40
"Switches up his attacks. Immune to all debuffs."

Boss Skills
Icon Skill Name Skill Type Skill Description
High Pressure Waterjet Icon-magicskill Shoots a high-pressure water bullet that deals a lot of magic damage.
Pincer Swipe Icon-physicalskill Uses his pincer to attack an enemy and stun them.
Giant Pincer Icon-physicalskill Stomp the earth with a giant pincer, knocking back front-row enemies.
Geyser Icon-magicskill Control underground water, dealing damage to a random enemy and knocking it back.
Behemoth Mail (Manual)
Emerald Wand (Manual)
Genma Skin
Pixie Dust
Bear Paw
Forbidden Crystal
Gargoyle Wing
Magic Belt (Manual)
Flame Arrow (Manual)
Holy Stone (Manual)
Warlord's Fang
Shiny Exoskeleton
Dominator Helmet
Mana Jewel
Holy Amulet (Manual)
Razor Claws
Fishking's Crown
Spirit Essence
Wolf Hat (Manual)

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