• Treasures can be found all over the Mist! Defeat guards to get the treasures they're protecting.
  • The Fog of War can be reduced by moving to an adjacent tile. Moving to a new tile consumes meat.
  • There are three floors in the Mist: each floor contains 5 chests and 5 guards. You will receive an extra reward when you open all the chests and defeat all guards on a floor.
  • To enter the next floor you'll need to find a portal on your current floor. You can switch between floors once you've found all the portals!
  • Ancient magic is hidden in the Fog of War: collect it to make your team stronger during battles. You can only use 1 Ancient Magic at a time when fighting a guard!
  • Once you finish a battle, your minions' HP and energy will remain the same. Defeated minions can't join another battle. Resetting the Mist will reset your progress and make you start from floor 1 again but it will also fully recover your minions.