Stage Enemies Suggested Power Cost Goal Goal Reward
C-1 1-1 Skelance (Lv1) 1800 Stamina 12 Awaken a minion. Diamond 20
C-2 1-2 Bloppy (Lv2)

Hornox (Lv2)

2100 Stamina 12 Awaken a minion and use its C-strike. Diamond 20
C-3 1-3 Umbra (Lv3)

Richoke (Lv3)

2500 Stamina 12 Defeat Richoke with Exo. Diamond 20
C-4 1-4 Migoi (Lv4) 2800 Stamina 12 Awaken Umbra and use its C-Strike. Diamond 20
C-5 1-5 Webster (Lv5)

Richoke (Lv5)

3200 Stamina 12 Defeat three enemies with one attack. Diamond 20
C-6 1-6 Rosina (Lv7)

Webster (Lv7)

Monti (Lv7)

3700 Stamina 12 Do not let Monti use his C-Strike. Diamond 20
C-7 1-7 Bloody Ox (Lv 99)

Chi (Lv 9)

4400 Stamina 12 Win the battle in 60 seconds. Diamond 20

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